Hands || Massive Context

Hands || Massive Context


The introductory palette of sounds you are confronted by on Hands' Massive Context EP can serve as a metaphor of sorts for their sound and aesthetic: big claps, echoed vocals, pulsing rhythmic blasts, and gracefully crafted melodies. They pull from various styles of pop and world music while employing a focused blanket of tone and clarity that both supports and distinguishes their style.
Structures decay and arise as if each instrument's part was written to intrinsically support the others, creating a truly solid foundation that allows the vocals to exist within the music rather than above it. It is with these motifs and thematic nuances present that their EP finds its identity and gives you a peek into much more to come from these gentlemen. The Massive Context EP is to be released on 4/10 by Small Plates Records.

Album Name:

Massive Context

Release Date:

04 10 12


Small Plates


1. Magic Fingers

2. Warm Night Home

3. Come to Know

4. Forced Fascination

5. Onward Upward

6. Think Back

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Hands | "Warm Night Home" | 'Massive Context'

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