Frenchkiss Label Group Signs 7 New Labels || Announces CMJ Showcase With Frenchkiss Records, Thursday October 17th At Pianos

Frenchkiss Label Group Signs 7 New Labels || Announces CMJ Showcase With Frenchkiss Records, Thursday October 17th At Pianos


About Frenchkiss Label Group

With the signing of 7 new labels this year Frenchkiss Label Group has quickly grown into a worthy contender, promoting Deana Cosper to Director of Label Development and Emily Osowski to Head of A&R.

Frenchkiss Label Group is a boutique distributor focused on development for growing independent labels.

Created in Syd Butler’s image, with day-to-day now run by Deana Cosper, FKLG seeks out up-and-coming labels that reflect the integrity of Frenchkiss with the goal of nurturing them to become industry mainstays. FKLG partners with The Orchard to provide labels with the best talent and resources in distribution services to the Label Group's current roster of 28 labels. FKLG has the power of the big guys, but with the indie mentality.

"We want to work with smaller, tastemaker labels that we love, from any genre, and help them grow - build their presence through cool, creative ways," says Deana.

FKLG will be co-hosting a CMJ Showcase with Frenchkiss Records, Thursday Oct. 17th at Pianos featuring emerging artists from the Label Group, as well as a happy hour on Wednesday Oct. 16th at Passenger Bar in Williamsburg.

Frenchkiss Label Group is based in New York City.

For inquiries:

Decades Records

Decades Records is a boutique label based out of West Palm Beach, Florida, focused on showcasing weird talent and promise both within Florida and without. The bands attached are not always a part of thesame physical scene or community, but all share a sense of the strange in independent music.

Throughout the summer of 2013 we will be announcing the first set of digital and vinyl releases for our artists the band in Heaven, Lord Jeff, The Dewars, Symbols and more.

Decades Records is a proud member of the Sub-Culture family, connected closely to the venues Respectable Street Cafe (WPB), Kill Your Idol (Ft.Lauderdale), and Vagabond (Miami).

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Exploding In Sound Records

Exploding In Sound Records was founded in 2011 by Dan Goldin and Dave Spak. What started as a friendship rooted in a mutual love for the Allston basement scene, would eventually turn into the partnership that led to EIS Records’ creation. The label’s first release came out in March 2012 and they have been churning out records ever since. Their current lineup of artists consists of Pile, Grass Is Green, Two Inch Astronaut, Geronimo!, Ovlov, Fat History Month, Porches., Kal Marks, My Dad, Disco Doom, Palehound, and alumni Speedy Ortiz. Everything EIS does is done out of genuine love for the bands that they represent. The goal is to make an impact both musically and culturally, through nothing more than good music.

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Happenin Records

Happenin Records was founded in 2006 by Dustin and Chris in Montevallo, Alabama. The initial roster consisted of Three Happenin Guys, Nowhere Squares, Shining Path, Wax Bars, Modern Income, Ninfant, Whitman, and Selby (Bronze Medal). Albums were manufactured at Dustin and Chris’ home using a CD burner, brown paper bags, a computer printer, and a big black rubber stamp. After two years of producing and distributing music locally, Happenin Records took a brief hiatus in 2008 – older recordings can be requested via direct email communication with Happenin Records.

In 2011, Chris and Dustin decided to restart the label with a new emphasis on vinyl and digital sales. Bands like Nightmare Boyzzz, Vacation Club, and Drew Price’s Bermuda Triangle reinvigorated the initial excitement that drove Happenin Records in 2006, so the guys recommitted themselves to producing and distributing music. The current Happenin Records roster includes:
Horrible Houses
Nightmare Boyzzz
Nowhere Squares
Drew Price’s Bermuda Triangle
Shining Path
Vacation Club
Holy Youth
▪ Eleven Year Old

Although Happenin Records does not require that artists hail from Alabama, we certainly focus our efforts on musicians who are from our home state. If you believe in trill, unique, eccentric music, then you’ll certainly find a community of artists through Happenin Records that will satisfy your deepest desires. For more information email us at : )

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Mock Records

Inspired from a conversation with Matador Records founder Chris Lombardi, Jake Whitener founded Mock Records in Winter of 2011 with the help from his friends Brennan McNally, Creative Director / Co-Owner Erik Lake and Bert Hoover. While many other labels seemed to focus on the amount of their output over the development of their artists, Mock Records decided to return to the traditions of classic indie labels such as Matador/Beggars Group, Merge and In The Red by not only having an emphasis on releasing unique music, but to work hand in hand with their artists to help develop and grow their careers.

The label has since released music from the Spyrals, Spaceships, Cab 20 and Jesus Sons with more exciting releases in the works.

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Texas is Funny Records

Texas is Funny Records is an up and coming label based out of central texas. Formed in 2009 the label has continued to grow representing several bands around the United States. The label is anchored by strong beliefs in pizza, friends and skateboarding. Upcoming 2013/2014 releases include Glish, Vetter Kids, Cherry Cola Champions, Young /// Savage, Deer Vibes and more.

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Three One G

Three One G is in a sense, a family owned business… and basically a family in itself. I started the label in hopes to better the quality and creativity of stuff that I was part of, as well as the music culture that I am part of. Three One G quickly developed into a family of artists who were all intertwined or on the same page as one another. For me, it is the truest definition of family; people who are of the same breed and people who are from the same way of life. In the beginning, I started off by releasing stuff by Swing Kids and Unbroken, both of which shared a member, and were part of a musical community that I was submerged in. It was something that I was really a part of and more so, something that was obtainable, tangible, and real. Over the years, Three One G has loosely been related to a band that I’m part of, The Locust. The relevance The Locust has to Three One G brought amazing artists into the picture, either meeting them on tour, musical collaborations, or other various things that The Locust was and is doing. This really helped to diversify the label and the sounds that it encompasses up to this day. To me, having bands under the Three One G umbrella like Cattle Decapitation, Arab on Radar, Quintron, Zs, Black Dice, Orthrelm, and so on, all makes sense, regardless of how different any artists approach to music or their sound may be. We could all conceivably tour together, even sometimes collaborate and share members. To me, this is interesting, bringing so many new avenues of creativity, which are things that the music industry in general has since forgotten. Over the years we have expanded, not only musically, but geographically as well. Even though Three One G is below the radar of major labels, the bands manage to grow and reach out beyond the label’s grasp, giving a glimpse into the all too interesting underbelly of an unrefined culture. The bands manage to amaze, challenge, inspire, and essentially blow minds. The labor of love here shows sincerity, as well as integrity. The family here is solid, legitimate, and relevant. - Justin Pearson

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True Believer

True Believer is a label based in New York City started by Luke Rathborne. It’s first release will be, ‘RATHBORNE’s ‘SOFT’ on October 15th with Frenchkiss Label Group handling distribution.

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