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November 19, 2019

Zippy (Pan from Suckers) Share Self-Titled LP | Out Now On All DSPs

LISTEN & SHARE: Zippy – Zippy
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LISTEN & SHARE: Zippy – “Born To Fly”
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LISTEN & SHARE: Zippy – “Crumb Bum”
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“A mish-mash of surrealist lyrics, syncopated rhythms, glass clinks and electronics, ‘Crumb Bum’ is an eclectic, otherworldly pop tune. Anything but straightforward, the song relishes in taking the roads less traveled, to great effect.
– The 405“The songs themselves are immensely memorable; each one perfectly suited to its place on the album and the end result is a record that will stay with you long after the last note has played from your speakers.”
-This Is The Latest

Today Zippy (project of Pan from Suckers) releases their debut self-titled LP Zippy. The 12-Track LP shows their prowess in addictive experimental electronic tracks. “This is our debut album and we were just figuring out what exactly Zippy was and sounded like when writing it. So it just felt right to title the album Zippy, as a nice way to introduce the world to our sound,” says Zippy in an interview with Vents.

Following Suckers’ demise in 2012, Pan began a new project. Reverting back to his love for electronic music, he traded in his bass for a Moog. Slowly building a number of instrumental tracks, he searched for the perfect vocal collaborator. It was not until years later in early 2019; he found the perfect candidate in James Evans, who just so happened to be his new brother-in-law. This serendipitous pairing resulted in 12 mesmerizing aural tapestries that ooze with a delightful musical goo that is this introductory Zippy album. It is unconventional, unclassifiable and unpredictable, yet still feels oddly familiar. Full of earworms, tapeworms, and gummy worms, series one Zippy will wiggle itself directly into your heart, lay a parasitic egg and hatch tiny babies that you’ll never want to eradicate.

01. Born to Fly
02. Crumb Bum
03. The Golden Kite
04. Chardonnay
05. Sandy’s Crystal Sunday
06. Two White Stallions
07. Easy Love
08. Together (at the same time)
09. The Green Hills of Earth
10. Subcrust Millionaire
11. Livin’
12. Waldbaums