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October 21, 2019

Zippy (Pan from Suckers) Share “Crumb Bum” Via The 405 | “Crumb Bum” Out Now On All DSPs | New Album Zippy Out 11/15

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“A mish-mash of surrealist lyrics, syncopated rhythms, glass clinks and electronics, ‘Crumb Bum’ is an eclectic, otherworldly pop tune. Anything but straightforward, the song relishes in taking the roads less traveled, to great effect.
– The 405

On Friday, Zippy (project of Pan from Suckers) released their debut track “Crumb Bum.” The single was premiered with The 405 on Thursday. “Crumb Bum’, a sonic jungle of oscillating bounces, will inspire you to rediscover your elastic stride, finally take that large, cartoonish first step beyond the grid’s grave and reinflate your dome!”

Along with the premiere, Zippy announced their upcoming self-titled debut LP, Zippy to be released November 15th.

Following Suckers’ demise in 2012, Pan began a new project. Reverting back to his love for electronic music, he traded in his bass for a Moog. Slowly building a number of instrumental tracks, he searched for the perfect vocal collaborator. It was not until years later in early 2019; he found the perfect candidate in James Evans, who just so happened to be his new brother-in-law. This serendipitous pairing resulted in 12 mesmerizing aural tapestries that ooze with a delightful musical goo that is this introductory Zippy album. It is unconventional, unclassifiable and unpredictable, yet still feels oddly familiar. Full of earworms, tapeworms, and gummy worms, series one Zippy will wiggle itself directly into your heart, lay a parasitic egg and hatch tiny babies that you’ll never want to eradicate.

Zippy is out digitally on November 15th