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May 24, 2019

Society of the Silver Cross Share “The Mighty Factory of Death” Via Blackbook



                                                   DEBUT ALBUM 1 VERSE OUT 6/28

WATCH/LISTEN & SHARE: Society of the Silver Cross – “The Mighty Factory of Death”

                                      LISTEN & SHARE: Society of the Silver Cross – “Kali Om”

                                      “…a musical manifesto that can perhaps best be described as ‘yogic metal’.” 
                                                                                   – BlackBook

                                                                               “droing, meditating” 
                                                                            – BrooklynVegan

               “”When You’re Gone”, wonderfully channels Joe and Karyn’s vision for their music and highlights their instrument selection—initially the harmonium and guitars then adding more as a song develops.”
– Metal Injection

Seattle five-piece, Society of the Silver Cross, have returned with a brand new single and accompanying video, “The Mighty Factory of Death.” BlackBook premiered the video yesterday and praised the group, coining their music “yogic metal,” as well as calling their mix of Middle Eastern and Indian influences “a nice harmonium.”

“The Mighty Factory of Death” is about the transformative and renewing power of death. Death is a part of life and in essence makes new life and change possible. The song takes you on a three-part musical journey of life, death and a non-physical plane. This song speaks to the ‘dream’ of life, an illusion of nothing but shadows and light – similar to a movie projected on a screen. Instrumentally it features the dark textures of the harmonium, 12 string guitar, B3 organ, mellotron, shahi baaja (Indian autoharp), synthesizers, omnichord, therevox and drums.

This is the band’s latest track to be released from their recently announced debut LP, 1 Verse. The record will be out June 28th of this year on all DSPs, as well as available on CD and vinyl.

Society of the Silver Cross’s debut album 1 Verse is an epic musical journey crossing over to mystical landscapes and otherworldly terrains, while playing with concepts of life and death, shadows and light and going beyond the veil. Songwriters Joe Reineke (The Meices, Alien Crime Syndicate) and life partner Karyn Gold-Reineke score lush, bombastic and ethereal layers of instrumentation and vocals with the intention of sparking an emotive inner-experience for the listener. Joe and Karyn’s travels to India, and resulting deeply devotional yogic path bears influence to their artistic expressions both musically and poetically with chant-like vocals at times, and recurring themes of seeking deeper spiritual truth and wisdom. Their unique songwriting style also blends east and west with gothic undertones. The album features eastern instruments (harmonium, shahi baaja, dilruba, ghungroo bells), 12-string guitar, esoteric synthesizers (swarmatron, therevox, mellotron), Hammond B3 organ, heavy rhythmic percussion and gritty soundscapes.

Equally intriguing is the band’s visually compelling imagery through light painting and wet plate (tintype) photography methods along with two accompanying music videos for single’s “When You’re Gone” and “The Mighty Factory of Death” – which both play more like short conceptual art films than traditional music videos. “We wanted everything to be a work of art, every sound, every image.” says Reineke. The album was engineered and produced by Joe Reineke with Karyn Gold-Reineke at Orbit Audio (famed studio owned by Joe and Karyn) in Seattle, WA.

Everything about Society of the Silver Cross is heavy with mystery: they lure the listener into their sound, and their world, like ghost lights in a dense forest. Follow, if you dare, and what you’ll discover is a band that has developed a singular style – one that draws from darker, more cinematic moods, textures and cosmic atmospheres resulting in an otherworldly blend of musical bliss.

“After traveling to India several years ago, we found a deep calling to the yogic path. Our practice has infused our lives and naturally our music with positive energy and creative inspiration to blend our familiar western rock and gothic roots with the textures of the east. The original Society of the Silver Cross were Dutch medics for the 17th century army, much like the Red Cross. We think of this music as medicine on the battlefield of today’s chaotic world. Our intention is that it be an experience, a musical movement of authenticity, inspiration, and awakening a sense of one’s true self and purpose.” – Society of the Silver Cross