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November 12, 2019

Sego Share “In The Meantime” (Spacehog Cover) Feat. Comfort The Killer | To Perform Hometown LA Show ‘In Surround Sound’ 11/23 | Sego Sucks LP Out Now Via Roll Call Records

LISTEN & SHARE: Sego – “In The Meantime” Feat. Comfort The Killer

LISTEN & SHARE: Sego – “Walking The Cow Feat. The Moth and The Flame & Pinguin Mofex

LISTEN & SHARE: Sego – “Yah” Feat. Vacationer”

LISTEN & SHARE: Sego – “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?”

LISTEN & SHARE: Sego – ‘Sego Sucks’ LP

“At first blush, the 1997 country pop smash seems like an odd fit for the off-kilter rockers of Sego. But the band quickly makes the song its own with funky-as-hell bass riff, skittering guitars and winking vocal performances. Wellbaum replicates the sweet tones of Cole’s voice well, playing off the more eccentric inclinations of Sego. On paper, this cover seems to make no sense, and yet, when you hear it, it all suddenly makes perfect sense.”
– The 405
“Sego Sucks tackles self-loathing, fake personas, escape, substance abuse, economic anxieties and other various personal hang-ups, and it’s all swathed in tuneful blankets of frisky rock riffs and warm-hearted melodies.”
– Paste
“The track itself is a wheezy power pop track ornamented with a contorting guitar line and a sense of playful dejection.”
– Under The Radar
Los Angeles-based quartet Sego creates boisterous, hook-driven indie rock reminiscent of Beck or Phoenix in the early 2000s.”
riddled with musical quirks and kinks that call to mind Beck’s zanier tendencies. The bass provides a pounding pattern akin to a heart on the verge of bursting, which the song eventually does during its climactic, jarring, but wholly enrapturing chorus…with an anthemic track of this magnitude, festival bookers would be smart to snatch them up for the summer season.” 
– Consequence Of Sound

SEGO have returned with an “In The Meantime” cover by iconic English rockband, Spacehog. Their 4th in a series of covers in 2019, following “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?”, “YAH.”, “Walking The Cow.” These covers were released after the band’s sophomore LP, Sego Sucks.

SEGO’s “In The Meantime” is a triumphant, upbeat rendition that includes buzzy synths. While still holding true to the original, SEGO continues to display their creative talents by making unique and captivating renditions.

SEGO will also be playing a special home show at The Hi Hat in Los Angeles on November 23rd. They will be performing in “Surround Sound” which has all four members performing on a separate stage surrounding the audience. More information below.

Sego’s LP Sego Sucks is out now via Roll Call Records. This year they were featured on, NPR’s All Songs ConsideredBillboardConsequence Of SoundUnder The Radar, and more. The band’s album title originates from what started out as a hashtag from some disgruntled audience member, ‘Sego Sucks’ ended up encapsulating the ethos behind this entire record.

Sego Sucks – Tracklisting

  1. Neon Me Out

  2. Give Me

  3. Heart Attack

  4. Shame

  5. Whatever Forever

  6. Sucker / Saint

  7. Anvil Hands

  8. High Tide

  9. Buy Time

  10. Coming Home