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June 12, 2018

ONA Shares “@Innanet City” Video Via All Things Go | Opens Up To Paper Magazine | Onamania Out Now Via The Orchard

WATCH & SHARE: ONA – “@Innanet City”
WATCH & SHARE: ONA – “Dew Poony Cadence”
All Things Go have shared ONA’s new video for her single “@Innanet City”. Prior to this, Paper Magazine did an in-depth interview and photoshoot with ONA. The site also featured the video for her single “Dew Poony Cadence”, which will be featured on her debut LP ‘Onamania’, out now via The Orchard. 

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, ONA emerged into the music scene with her debut EP “Sex Rock” in early 2016, about which AudioFemme said, “Beautifully orchestrated, featuring melodic piano lines, ferocious crashing high-hat drums, and most notably Ona’s gorgeous, breathy alto vocal…this record will undoubtedly be making our year end list.” To follow it up, her debut album, Onamania, is dropping in early 2018. Co-produced by ONA and Bushwick’s KB2, the album is an ambitious exploration of the various musical forms hinted at in the EP: hard-driving rock, lush bedroom ballads, dirty grind funk, and epic orchestral pop. With over 1.5 million social media followers, a recent stint as Glamour Magazine’s first ever Artist-in-Residence in their Summer of Sex issue, and an upcoming feature appearance in Viceland’s Slutever TV show, Ona is quickly becoming a major media phenomenon. And she’ll be capitalizing on this momentum by spending all of 2018 promoting Onamania via her Undisclosed Location Tour – a year-long road-trip in which she travels across America digitally broadcasting photos, videos, and a live show to her 1.5 million+ fans via Snapchat, Instagram Live, and Webcam. This cutting edge mix of exceptionally diverse tunes, innovative music monetization, and a huge social media presence are what lead Playboy to say, “There are few singers and artists who are so unique, so individual, so highly talented that they’re known by just one name. Beyonce. Picasso. Madonna. Prince. Perhaps it’s time you add another name to that list: Ona.”