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Mr. Elevator

January 7, 2020

Mr. Elevator (Tomas Dolas, Oh Sees) Share “Waiting” Video Via The FADER | Album Release Show at The Echo (LA) January 16th | Goodbye, Blue Sky Out January 17th via Castle Face Records

WATCH & SHARE:  Mr. Elevator – “Waiting”

LISTEN & SHARE: Mr. Elevator – “Down”

LISTEN & SHARE: Mr. Elevator – “Alone Together”

“Mr. Elevator’s forthcoming Goodbye, Blue Sky, is equal parts menacing and dreamy — a decayed-sounding synth-laden dreamscape evoking the fascinating subgenres of electronic music that spun out of chillwave’s long tail at the beginning of this decade.”

“Featuring 60s-style organs, reverb-drenched vocals and a trippy “moving art mirage” accompaniment, ‘Alone Together’ is a fascinating fusion of old and new.”
 – The 405

“Dolas has pulled from his influences and infused them with modern sensibilities that help create a modern musical awareness which keeps Goodbye, Blue Sky feeling fresh.”
– Pure Grain Audio

Mr Elevator, project of Oh Sees’ Tomas Dolas, released the third single, “Waiting” off of their upcoming LP, Goodbye, Blue Sky. The single premiered with The FADER and included an exclusive quote from Tomas Dolas.

“The video came from a dream I had one morning after mixing ‘Waiting’ the night before, I tried to find someone who could recreate it, but wasn’t having any luck. I brought it up to my friend Jonny who plays bass with us, and he mentioned a friend he had who did visuals and video work and put me in touch with Marty Tzonev.

We all met up at one of my favorite spots, a Mexican restaurant next to my studio in Cypress Park (called Lupita’s) and talked it over and I told Marty about the dream of this guy running endlessly towards the horizon but in the style of an old SNES racing game where the road keeps turning and the mountains are in the background and eventually this shadow-y apocalypse beast-monster-creature of wires emerges towering from the mountains and the man keeps running and running and so on and the world slowly keeps falling apart to the point of his eminent death of falling into a void and a few months later he sent a pretty much identical video of that dream. It was impressive! And a total trip to watch again.”

Mr. Elevator will be performing an album release show at LA’s The Echo on January 16th. The show includes performances by Automatic and LA Takedown. Tickets are $10 advance and $12 day of show. More show information is available here.