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Moon Bounce

January 21, 2020

Moon Bounce Shares “Better Now” Video Via EARMILK | New Album Skip Intro Out 2/21 On Grind Select

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Today, producer, songwriter and vocalist, Moon Bounce releases “Better Now” the second track off of his upcoming sophomore LP, Skip Intro. The “Better Now” video was premiered with Earmilk praising, “Muted yet alive, “Better Now” constantly feels like it’s right on the verge of bursting but is weighed down by its own depth. Crackling effects and laser chirps playfully flit to and fro atop a beating percussion, as Regensburg calmly delivers his heavy-set lyrics in a digitally altered voice.”

On the track Regensburg explains, “‘Better Now’ is a distillation of mounting anxiety relating to my aversion to pleasantries/introductions when meeting with a new therapist. I tend to want to hurdle the bullshit and get straight to topics of importance. Perhaps being the child of two therapists has made me impatient in these scenarios, or maybe I’m just nuts. My apprehensions are wonderfully codified in beautiful 3D-rendered-glory in the music video. TLDR; shopping for a therapist often feels like blind dating, ‘Better Now’ is my plea for someone to get to the point.”

Following nearly three years of silence and a battle with anxiety disorder, Moon Bounce returns with his sophomore full-length LP, Skip Intro, a memento of panic-ridden ruminations. Combining soulful melodies, jilted percussion and hyper-controlled synthesis, the album, out February 21st, does not shy away from difficult topics, bringing listeners into the darkness as Regensburg unabashedly confronts himself.

Moon Bounce’s signature sound is still intact and more pristine than ever; obtuse rhythms, helium-soaked vocals and larger-than-life production create an immersive environment where lyrics like “please don’t blame me if I ask you to repeat what you just said, I was just imagining what it would be like to be dead” are repeated with a cheery disposition. You might want to laugh or you might want to cry but it’s this deadpan realism that makes Regensburg’s music so relatable and anything but one-dimensional.

With the release of the upcoming LP, Moon Bounce will be offering Skip Intro in a unique way; A limited-edition USB drive in a slime-filled petri dish will be available on Bandcamp.