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January 31, 2020


WATCH & SHARE: Mïrändä – “Stay”

LISTEN & SHARE: Mïrändä – “Stay”

“The track (and accompanying video) cinematically present the drama inherent to Mïrändä’s craft — amidst rapid, driving percussion and baroque synthetic accents, she writhes in religious dress and extinguishes prayer candles, adding a level of well-curated melodrama to her ovation-worthy vocal performance.” 
– The Deli
“’Formula’ bounces and ripples thanks to the deft production, crafted by Mïrändä herself. The lithe sound pairs well with her wry and rhythmic lyricism, keeping the listener on their toes with her engaging wordplay.”
– The 405
“Her vocal effects take her from Jimmy Somerville to Bon Iver in consecutive songs – and by the end she’s got even industry types bopping along.”
“Her carefully crafted electronica is uplifting and unpretentious, with inventive drops and catchy choruses to match.”
– The Deli

“With its lush and full sound, we bet you’ll be hooked.”

– Pancakes & Whiskey

Today, NYC-based self-produced, electronic pop artist Mïrändä shares her new single Stay” – a theatrical, dynamic, orchestral pop-rock anthem – and its official music video. The track features carefully crafted orchestration, with lyrical elements that present the dichotomies between desperation and hope, desire and love. The track explores various themes surrounding human connection, both physical and emotional, while touching on topics surrounding human desire and love.

The Deli shared a first look of the video and single, praising, “New York synthpop tour de force Mïrändä returns with a new series of anthemic electronic singles, her latest offering “Stay” a powerfully energetic meditation on desperation and hope, desire and love.” Mïrändä recently signed to Infinite Companion, with her song “Formula”, kicking off the release of her new singles series, “Formularcana” in November. “Stay”, the second single from this series, is out now on all streaming platforms via Infinite Companion – keep an eye out for more news about “Formularcana”, new material out this Spring.

The cover art for this release, and following singles, is inspired by the major arcana cards of the Tarot. For “Stay,” Mïrändä has chosen the The Hermit to exemplify this song.

Music video credits:
Director / Editor – Jonah Lorsung
AC / Gaffer – Matthew Marino
Producer – Graham Burns
BTS / PA – Heather Jensen
Production Assistance – Chase Costner
Blue Figure – Bernadette Schweda
A special thank you to The National YoungArts Foundation

“Stay is a theatrical, classic rock, symphonic pop anthem about the desire for human connection, and about a crippling fear of being alone. It’s about navigating hookup culture today, attempting to conform to its expectations. And it is about the blurred lines between sex and love.

While the lyrics express a sense of desperation, the melody and instrumentation are hopeful. I was listening to a lot of Queen when I wrote and arranged this piece, which I think is evident in the harmonies. This song has more classical influence, mainly baroque, than anything else I’ve written. I have always loved harpsichord and I was so thrilled when I was able to add it to the song.

For the cover art I chose The Hermit to represent this song because upright it represents soul-searching, introspection, and inner guidance, while reversed it represents isolation, loneliness and withdrawal.” – Mïrändä