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Marlin's Dreaming

March 24, 2020

Marlin’s Dreaming Share “Outwards Crying” Video Via CLASH | New Record, Quotidian, Out April 21st

LISTEN/WATCH & SHARE: Marlin’s Dreaming “Outwards Crying”
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LISTEN/WATCH & SHARE: Marlin’s Dreaming – “Sink or Swim”
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“The honesty of the release only adds to the many layers of what makes Marlin’s Dreaming who they are. If the following tracks are anything like the first, then Quotidian is a record that should be on any music-lover’s radar.”
-Atwood Magazine

“‘Outwards Crying’ is a fiery composition that squalls with melodic precision.”

“Mixing bits of pieces of indie, psychedelic, and surf rock,
Marlin’s Dreaming is making the kind of music that’s chilled-out and calming,
while incorporating enough flashes of energy to keep you moving.”

– Pigeons & Planes

“It’s music that you’d want to hear while making some of
the best memories in your life. It’s a song full of independence and a
motivator for you to get out and explore the beautiful earth on a sunny day.”


New Zealand indie outfit Marlin’s Dreaming released their second single and video, “Outwards Crying,” for their forthcoming album, Quotidian out April 21st. The video premiered exclusively with CLASHpraising, “The video, and its lo-fi qualities sit perfectly in sync with the aural aesthetic of Marlin’s Dreaming.” The single and video have also received praise from Brooklyn VeganVarianceGlide and more.

“Outwards Crying is about my urge to leave my hometown (Dunedin, NZ) and change my surroundings. For the video we wanted a gritty and off kilter accompaniment to the song, and it turned out to be shooting farm animals and old buildings around Dunedin, which I can’t explain why but seems fitting. I feel like this is our most heavy song on the upcoming album, not in terms of instrumentation, but more how confronting it is emotionally.”