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April 17, 2020

Marlin’s Dreaming Share “Alike” Via American Songwriter | New Record, Quotidian, Out April 24th

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“The honesty of the release only adds to the many layers of what makes Marlin’s Dreaming who they are. If the following tracks are anything like the first, then Quotidian is a record that should be on any music-lover’s radar.”
-Atwood Magazine

“‘Outwards Crying’ is a fiery composition that squalls with melodic precision.”

“Mixing bits of pieces of indie, psychedelic, and surf rock,
Marlin’s Dreaming is making the kind of music that’s chilled-out and calming,
while incorporating enough flashes of energy to keep you moving.”

– Pigeons & Planes

“It’s music that you’d want to hear while making some of
the best memories in your life. It’s a song full of independence and a
motivator for you to get out and explore the beautiful earth on a sunny day.”


New Zealand indie outfit Marlin’s Dreaming released their third single, “Alike” for their forthcoming album, Quotidian out next Friday April 24th. The single premiered exclusively with American Songwriter praising, “Set to a dreamy landscape of floating melodies and upbeat, jangling riffs, “Alike” taps into the light and dark side of this person’s mind. It’s an indie pop melody of split personality.

Quotidian will be released early next week with singles and videos from the project receiving praise from CLASHBrooklyn VeganVarianceAtwood MagazineGlide and more.

“Alike Is our most zestful single – very guitar & vocal driven. I wanted to personify two different characters, the bleating high pitched character, and the dark, arrogant character. Both characters are people in my life that… i guess piss me off enough that one day I decided to write about them; or should I say write for them.  We wanted a big soaring chorus for this song, so we really layered the vocals in the chorus to make the melody thick. I guess sort of an optimistic, catchy song, but digging deeper, I find that what it’s actually about slightly disturbing.”


01. Sink Or Swim
02. Alike
03. Outwards Crying
04. Lick the Brains
05. Cabbage Tree
06. Colourful Disarray
07. False Start
08. Outristic Pt. 1
09. Outristic Pt. 2
10. Mr. Sun
11. Moth Eyes
12. Filling In Time
13. Track 12

Marlin’s Dreaming BIO:

Marlin’s Dreaming are a young band hailing from a cold, damp flat in Dunedin, New Zealand. In October 2017, just a couple of months after forming, Marlin’s Dreaming released their first body of work, Lizard Tears. It was an eight song mix of indie pop tasters, and one reworked track from frontman, Semisi Maiai’s, former band GROMz. The album reached huge popularity across streaming platforms worldwide, and transitioned into two sold out tours of New Zealand.

In 2018 Marlin’s Dreaming released their second body of work, Talk on Commic. The EP retains the wry humour of Lizard Tears, but is less mannered; a darker beast with 90’s fangs evoking many of the post-punk greats. This EP received support from popular Spotify and Apple playlists and Youtube Channels.

2019 proved to be another successful year, doing support slots with Kirin J Callinan, The Chills and Ocean Alley. They also managed to fit in three headline tours of their own, including 2 sold out runs in Australia.

Marlin’s Dreaming are releasing their upcoming LP, Quotidian, on April 24th 2020.

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