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August 3, 2017


WATCH & SHARE: Majken – “Here and Now”
*Link will be publicly listed on Youtube on August 4th at 12 pm EST / You may share anytime thereafter*

WATCH & SHARE: Majken – “Corner of 69”

WATCH & SHARE: Majken – “Fainted Love”

WATCH & SHARE: Majken – “Dreaming of Franco”

“Majken has burrowed herself into a euphoric niche that is rooted in an otherworldly nostalgia of glazed-over, introspective rock that is at once a homage to decades past and sublimely original.”
– Grimy Goods

“It’s easy to spot traces of The Velvet Underground and Nico on Euro-American guitar pop, but Majken manages to live up to her influences by confidently foregrounding the uncanny aspects of her personality and music.”
– The Line Of Best Fit

“The dichotomy between Scandinavia and the American West Coast would seem to be vast, but the unbelievably talented Majken bridges the chasm with tremendous ease.”
– The 405

“…she has an ethereal  husky voice that draws you in to her artist world accompanied by wet guitar riffs that  is reminiscent of  old-school rock and roll with an indie-pop twist.”
– Ladygunn

“…a lot of sirupy smiles and soft surf-pop melodies”
– Nordic By Nature

“…an upbeat garage pop song about “living it up” in the wake of being dumped. The video is all cotton candy, ferris wheel, lolipops, friends, and sunny car ride—a recipe for getting over that jerk, Franco, whoever you are.”
– Buzzbands LA

LA-based, Nordic indie pop artist Majken will release her debut album, Dancing Mountainsthis month on August 25, 2017. Today, Majken shares her third single and video, “Here and Now,” via Grimy Goods, who say the song is a “deeply mesmerizing saunter through her overexposed indie-pop sound.” They describe the visuals as having a “70’s home video feel, the film sees the singer/songwriter and director dancing and flashing sultry looks at the camera surrounded by orange tinted greenery while her vocals dip lazily under the waves of her surf-rock haze.”

Previously released video and second single, “Corner of 69” premiered via The Line Of Best Fit, who state, “Her deadpan delivery of the invitation to “have some fun, run these lights” creates a remove that skews the surface-level carefree attitude of the song into something potentially sinister and strange, like the soundtrack to an imaginary David Lynch surf film.”

Last month, The 405 premiered her lead single and video, “Fainted Love,” and called her an “ethereal pop singer” with a “powerful single” and “long-standing track that will soon be on her debut album.” The LP was produced by Jesse Nolan in LA (Caught a Ghost) and Maxime Sokolinski in Paris (Hologram, Sweaters, Soko). The forthcoming album follows her debut EP, Deronda Hotel, and features five remastered versions of previous EP tracks, in addition to the unheard material.

Majken wrote and recorded Dancing Mountains on a journey between gritty Los Angeles, romantic Paris and the simple, laid back feel of the Nordic Fjord, where she spent her childhood. Influenced by experimental rock legends such as The Velvet Underground and the sensibilities of master songwriters like Leonard Cohen, Majken creates experimental pop with accessible themes and song structure. Her collection of dreamy songs contain raw, emotive lyrics, cushioned by indie beach rock and a vintage Europop vibe. She’s inspired by wild nature, breakfast in bed, the various cities she’s visited and called home and the people in those places.

Dancing Mountains reflects on vivid dreams, fond memories and restless nights. Majken’s sultry vocal melodies, intoxicating layers of sound and surf rock guitar come together to create an ideal soundtrack for a summer daydream. Album track “Everything’s Wild” encapsulates this feeling, inspired by floating wild in a bizarre dream state – not alive and not awake. “A Little More Time,” produced by Cody Crump, is about a hazy heartbreak while “Fainted Love” reflects on a summer fling, through rose colored glasses and introspection. All songs were written by Majken, with the majority produced in collaboration with Jesse Nolan and Maxime Sokolinski. “You And I” was produced by Fingazz.