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February 27, 2020

machinegum Signs To Frenchkiss Records, Fab Moretti Talks About NYC Art Exhibit/Performance + New LP Via Consequence of Sound | Announce Interactive Crowd Sourced “Kubes” Video, Directed by Justin Bartha + Fab Moretti | Conduit LP Out On Vinyl May 20th On Frenchkiss Records

Band and artist collective, machinegum, have signed to Frenchkiss Records. Last month, machinegum held an art gallery exhibition, performing songs off of their Conduit LP. In addition to the announcement of their signing, machinegum has announced that Conduit will be released on Vinyl on May 20th. Members Fab Moretti, Erin Victoria Axwell and Joseph Vescio sat down for an exclusive interview with Consequence of Sound.

machinegum is an artist’s collective comprised of Fab Moretti, Ian Devaney, Delicate Steve, Chris Egan, Martin Bonventre, and Erin Victoria Axtel that draws inspiration from involvement of the viewer/interpreter. In the hope of  promoting inclusion and propagating further art in its name, all pieces integrate an element of response or interaction from the individuals witnessing it.

The gallery was held on January 28th, upon entering, cameras throughout the gallery projected realtime pink-tinted footage of the guests that covered the walls of the space to reorient the role of audience members from passive witnesses to active ingredients of the show.

A shelf of pink cassette tapes hung in a corner. The same colored pink paint were provided for guests to use on anything they might be carrying in their pockets and would be willing to trade for a cassette and its spot on the wall. The shelf gradually transformed into a communal piece filled with random pink colored items, a visible representation of responsible reciprocity. Guest participation included crystals, a half ripped dollar bill, a tampon and more.

“The whole idea is based on this tinge of saccharin commercialism,” Moretti explains. “The whole music process and selling something to you, this kind of dance we do as musicians and as listeners. I thought it would be interesting to have a wall where we actually break it down, where we actually have an image of trade, and this is the way I came up with it.”

machinegum performed during its opening and their instruments were left at the gallery for interaction by future viewers. Audio was recorded throughout the duration of the show to be released on their website. The invitational gum ball machines were also on view. The instruments, the communal shelf and the gumball machines will be for sale.

In addition to the interview, machinegum has announced their next interactive crowd sourced video. Their upcoming “Kubes” video is looking for participants. “We will post a list of instructions on machinegum’s website for participants to follow and record on their phone cameras to possibly be included in the video for “Kubes”. This list will include everyday actions like waking up, brushing teeth, maybe a little dancing, maybe a little laughing, etc. Hopefully, by reproducing these universal commonalities, we can reinforce machinegum’s central concept of community and inclusivity.” More information can be found here.