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Juliet Quick

April 9, 2018


LISTEN & SHARE: Juliet Quick – Changeling EP
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LISTEN & SHARE: Juliet Quick – “Changeling Part II”

LISTEN & SHARE: Juliet Quick – “Changeling Part I”

“Quick has preserved such trivial questions in mythological terms, something incomparable and surprisingly important in the evolution of musical message. Her talent shines through in execution and in lyrics so hauntingly poetic.”
– Atwood Magazine

“Juliet Quick is a naturalist. Intent on highlighting elements of the Hudson Valley in weaving her tale of the “Changeling”, the Brooklyn-based alt-folk artist is every bit focused on relating folklore to reality as she is invoking the natural world into her work.”
– PopMatters

“Featuring her ethereal, Sharon Van Etten-like vocals and an absolutely breathtaking strings composition, the track offers a peek into Quick’s mind and how she sees the world.”
– The 405

“If you’re a fan of musicians such as Sharon Van Etten, Sarah Jaffe, or Julia Holter, you’re going to dig Juliet.”
– Indie Minded

“…performs a beautiful, intimate take on the album’s alternative-folk song.”
– A Music Blog, Yea? (on “Homeland”)

“As a professionally-trained opera singer, Juliet has the ability to lure the listener in with her hypnotic vocals. She can whisper and belt out notes you never thought you’d hear on a folk song. This lush folk-rock anthem represents a rougher electric side, but surrounded on all ends with intimate lyrics.”
– Thought Catalog

Brooklyn-based, alt-folk artist Juliet Quick shares her new release Changeling EP, out now on DSPs. Atwood Magazine exclusively streamed the EP in advance of its official release on April 6th, praising it, stating, “From start to finish, Changeling is enchanting. It may be Juliet Quick’s vocals which are nothing short of angelic; or it may be the instrumentals, primely produced in a less-than-radio light, easily preserving the heavenly aura projected by each corner of the collection.” You can catch Juliet Quick live at Silent Barn on April 24th.

Second single, “Changeling Part II,” was premiered by PopMatters, who stated, “That could not be any more clear than in her composition’s second movement, “Changeling Part II”. It is a delicately-arranged soundscape that fully envelopes its listeners in the natural world, with Quick’s vocals dancing gracefully throughout the track with a lilting coo as she highlights flora and fauna of the valley she knows and loves.” The 405 shared “Changeling Part I,” praising it, stating, “Impeccably recorded and written, ‘Changeling Part I’ is the work of a confident artist with a distinctive vision. Artists can rarely accomplish this when they are 74, let alone 24. But Quick’s vision for her music is clear, crisp and incredibly moving.”

Changeling is a 3-part song series, using the folkloric trope of the changeling, in which a child is stolen by fairies and replaced with an imposter, to explore feelings of alienation from the self and the familiar that characterize early adulthood. They don’t follow a strict narrative, so much as trace different points in the evolution of that psychic experience. The imagery is heavily grounded in the landscape of the Hudson Valley, where the artist was raised. It was recorded in Carmel, NY, where it was engineered and co-produced by Rees Shad in his own studio. The orchestral strings were arranged in a collaboration with Juliet Quick, Rees Shad, and Nathan Kamal.