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July 14, 2017


Listen & Share: Juiceboxxx – “Guts And Tension”
Listen & Share: Juiceboxxx – “Go To The Club Alone”
Watch & Share: Juiceboxxx – “Freaking Out”
Watch & Share: Juiceboxxx – “Racine & Me” Theme Song

“Raised within the noise, punk rock, and underground rap communities of Wisconsin, Juiceboxxx has found a way to merge those sounds cohesively.”
– Mass Appeal“…he’s a living document of a passion pursued, tattooed with euphoric successes…Now that the prevailing global mood matches Juiceboxxx’s freaked out intensity, the world may have found a tragically contemporary rap anthem.”
– The Fader
“Music lovers who were sonically aware in the late ’90s and early aughts will find a lot to like in Juiceboxxx’s debut single ‘Freaking Out’. The tune somehow manages to incorporate in one single track some of the most mind blowing music of that era, from Beck’s quirky-yet-groovy production style to the punchy and synthetic big beat of The Chemical Brothers, while adopting a tense rapping style in part reminiscent of The Beastie Boys.”
– The Deli NYC“…for so long people beyond a certain circle didn’t know what to make of him. But maybe that anxious energy of his music will be appreciated by folks wading through the uncertainty and insanity of the circus sideshow that is America 2k17.”
– Tiny Mix Tapes

Kerrang! has shared Juiceboxxx’s third single “Guts And Tension”, which will be featured on his forthcoming LP ‘Freaked Out American Loser’. When speaking about the track Juiceboxxx states, “A few years ago someone wrote an entire book about me called The Next Next Level. Seriously. What the fuck? I still can’t really process it, if I’m being honest. One positive thing that came out of the whole confusing project was a motivating desire to transcend whatever narrative someone else tried to force upon my life and music. Guts And Tension is a punk-rap song about being true to yourself, even when everyone thinks you are a crazy person. It is also about my live show, which is a quest for true rock’n’roll intensity. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing for five people or 5,000. I put it all on the line.”

“Guts And Tension”, along with the previous singles “Freaking Out” and “Going To The Club”, will be featured on the new LP ‘Freaked Out American Loser’, out 7/28 on Dangerbird Records.  Also make sure to check out Juiceboxxx’s recent freak out on Milwaukee’s “Racine & Me”, where he gave them a new theme song.

1. Freaking Out
2. Brutalizing
3. Go To The Club Alone
4. Destruction And Redemption
5. Guts And Tension
6. Lifers And Losers
7. Permanent Brain Damage
8. No Good Way To Grow Up
9. Freaked Out American Loser
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