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Jeremiah Raisen

November 23, 2019

Jeremiah Raisen Produces Tommy Genesis’ Latest “Cinderelly” | Out Now On All DSPs Via Downtown Records

LISTEN & SHARE: Tommy Genesis – “Cinderelly” (prod. by Jeremiah Raisen)
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Today, Tommy Genesis shares “Cinderelly” (prod. by Jeremiah Raisen.) a heavy-hitting track displaying the power the two hold together. Producer, Jeremiah Raisen describes the single as, “a futuristic stripper anthem.” 

Genesis and Raisen had linked in LA and wrote “Cinderelly” together on the first day they met. Tommy Genesis brings her bold, vivacious lyrics over Jeremiah Raisen’s dynamic production. The two build off each other’s high energies and signature sounds, creating a dominating single that commands the room. “Cinderelly” is the first of more to come from the two, as they have since recorded a handful of songs that will be seen in the near future.  If “Cinderelly” shows how much potential the two hold on the first day together, there’s no telling how captivating they will be in their future releases. “Cinderelly” is out now on all DSPs.