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Iris Lune

March 20, 2020


LISTEN & SHARE: Iris Lune – “Haven”
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Today, Brooklyn-based artist Iris Lune shares her lead single, “Haven,” and announces her debut album lovelosslove, due out June 2020. On “Haven”, Iris Lune crafts beautiful, sonically rich, and evocative music drenched in emotion and personal experience — singing a dark ballad she wrote to her sister after the passing of their mother. It centers around the theme of how their love for one another allows them to survive such terrible loss, culminating in a slowly evolving and swirling song.

The 12 songs on lovelosslove explore these ideas and other ways of experiencing loss and love. Loss and love are so tightly intertwined that they sometimes feel seamless, like a continuous thread. Loss is another color of love, which is why it hurts so much. After losing her mother two years ago to a six year cancer battle, Ella Joy Meir (Iris Lune) has been piecing her life together, trying to make sense of it all and trying to navigate a world without her mom’s physical presence. Her loss split Meir’s heart in half, leaving a distinct line between everything before and after that day. These songs are her own journey as she unfolds this new reality and dives deep into the core of things, to the most vulnerable of places of herself, places she cannot hide from. There are blue-gray summers and open wounds but also treasures and havens, waiting to be found. There is darkness and grief, but also light and hope.Meir co-wrote this album with producer Asher Kurtz, with whom she started the project with back in Boston. Meeting 3 times a week over the course of 4 months, they created a safe space in which they pushed each others boundaries and created music in ways they’ve never done before.

Born out of the Middle Eastern folk tradition of her native Israel, Iris Lune is a rich sonic tapestry anchored on Meir’s palpable mystique and limitless sonic mood board, which includes nods to the nearby countries and regions of her youth, including Egypt and Northern Africa, Russia, Turkey, and beyond. With two EPs under her belt, the upstart has netted over a million streams across platforms to date, and has become a local live force, whose network includes fellow indie pals like Half Waif, Rubblebucket, Arthur Moon, Ian Chang, Cuddle Magic, Kimbra, Elliot Moss, and Sonnymoon.

lovelosslove credits:

Lyrics: Ella Joy Meir
Co-Lyricist: Mikhal Weiner
Music: Asher Kurtz & Ella Joy Meir
Production: Asher Kurtz
Vocal Production: Ella Joy Meir & Asher Kurtz
Mixing: Charlie Van-Kirk
Mastering: Joe Laporta at Sterling Sounds (FKA twigs, Shawn Mendes)
Recording Studio: Greylock Studios
Vocals, Synths: Ella Joy Meir
Guitars, Synths, Drum Programming: Asher Kurtz
Bass, Moog: Aaron Liao
Drums: Angelo Spampinato