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December 17, 2018

GENTS Share “Smoke Machine” Track | Single Out Now | New Album Out Spring 2019 On The Big Oil Recording Company

LISTEN & SHARE: GENTS – “Smoke Machine”

LISTEN & SHARE: GENTS – “Emotional Facelift”

“GENTS is already pushing out more scintillating, spectacular synth-pop jams, including the gorgeous new single ‘Emotional Facelift.'” -The 405

Copenhagen synth pop duo GENTS share their new single “Smoke Machine” via Northern Transmissions. The single is off their upcoming album release due in 2019. The track highlights the duo’s ability to combine pop sensibilities with danceable beats and unique vocals.

The duo says of the track “’Smoke Machine’ is about grasping helplessly for something or someone you can’t reach. We are two very sentimental boys, and (like so many other people) we constantly find ourselves longing for things we don’t possess or what others have. But sometimes this sense of longing manifests itself in extremely vague or intangible ways: the object seems unclear, blurred or simply nonexistent. It is a very human experience, not being able to put words on what you crave, need or long for. ‘Smoke Machine’ is about this.”

Keep an eye out for more from the Copenhagen-based duo in 2019.

GENTS is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based duo consisting of Theis Vesterløkke and Niels Fejrskov Juhl, long time friends and workaholics at heart. Since their debut EP ‘Embrace the Future’ (2015) they have been busy touring and touching the hearts of their fans with their hopeful and comforting music. In a constant quest for fame and glory the duo charm people around the globe with swaying hips and catchy tunes. In 2017 they released their debut album ‘About Time’, which with its fresh sound redefined what to be expected of GENTS. Over the last 12 months, the band has toured Europe and Russia, released a double single, and are now ready with new music – sentimental-yet-optimistic synth pop songs. They always strive to be true gentlemen in the unforgiving world of the music biz, and champion musicians who are unafraid to open up their hearts and use music as a direct mode of expression, with no distance or irony.