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February 11, 2020

FIRSTWORLD (Kris Alvarez) Shares “What A Drag” Video Via Northern Transmissions | Out Now On All DSPS

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“A woozy examination of anxiety captured through the prism of love.”
The 405

Miami producer and artist, FIRSTWORLD (Kris Alvarez) has shared the video for his latest single, “What A Drag.” The latest in a group of singles that explore various themes on anxiety through love songs. The video was premiered with Northern Transmissions featuring trippy visuals, an assortment of colors pallets, metallic dinosaurs, outer space and the deep sea, FIRSTWORLD builds on the single with a captivating video.

“When I was considering ideas for what this video would be about, almost all the ideas were based on telling the story from a first-person view or first-hand experience. I finally settled on the first person view of life being a really trippy, surreal film (in French, of course). So I found this really cool CGI tech demo reel from the 90s on the Prelinger Archives, and used that as my foundation.

I wanted to give a face to the inner-dialogue in my head, and what better face than my own? Our anxiety always comes from within, which means we’re constantly getting in our own way of seeing the beauty of life without worrying about what might occur. It becomes a very unhealthy and possessive relationship with our minds, and our subject experience is therefore hindered because of it.”