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November 11, 2019

FIRSTWORLD (Kris Alvarez) Shares “What A Drag” With The 405 | Single Release Party At Gramps Tonight (Miami, FL) | Out Now On All DSPS

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“A woozy examination of anxiety captured through the prism of love.”
The 405


Miami producer and artist, Firstworld (Kris Alvarez) has premiered his latest single, “What A Drag.” The latest in a group of singles that explore various themes on anxiety through love songs. The single was premiered with The 405praising, “Love does have a way of gripping hold of one’s heart, creating emotions that are often volatile and difficult to control. So, too, it is with anxiety. The parallels between the two emotional states is top-tier fodder for songwriting, and Firstworld deploys them to full effect, crafting an off-kilter atmosphere reflective of the transmuting power of love and anxiety.” 

“What A Drag” is about how similar anxiety is to an abusive relationship in the sense that you consciously know you should walk away from it, but the fear of being left without a safety net to fall back on when you’re on your own again is enough to make you stay. Familiarity has a lot to do with it because being single is new territory every time we enter it, and it’s the same with anxiety when we try to face a particular fear or trauma. The unfamiliarity makes it even scarier than dealing with the panic attacks and wishing it all just goes away on its own.

That fear eventually eats away at you, and it melts away your character, your personality, and you have front row seats to see it all happen, but you only watch because it’s grip is tight. Friends begin to notice you’re not fun to be around anymore, family gets worried and inquisitive, and you just sit there, watching. Because that’s all you’ve got until you find the courage to stand up to the next anxiety episode and say “not again”.

With the release of “What A Drag” Firstworld is holding a single launch show at Gramp’s in Miami, Florida. The show will be held in Shirley’s Theatre. More information below