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LISTEN & SHARE: Everything Turned To Color – Life Imagined

LISTEN & SHARE: Everything Turned To Color – “Everything Turned To Color”

LISTEN & SHARE: Everything Turned To Color – “Invisibility”

LISTEN & SHARE: Everything Turned To Color – “Once Upon A Lifetime

LISTEN & SHARE: Everything Turned To Color – “When You Wish Me There”
“Thematically, the trio’s songs deal with life’s big questions and the importance of relationships.”
– Earbuddy
“While creamy textures build, sweet lyricism flows like a wise river.”
– All Things Go“The stark instrumentation only embellishes the heavy lyrical weight, and Neha’s soaring vocal lines at the end of the song take this simple folk arrangement into another stratosphere.”
– Folk Radio UK

“Everything Turned to Color pay as much attention to sweet, enchanting harmony as they do to thoughtful, probing lyrics. “Once Upon a Lifetime” is bittersweet, a heartfelt expression of loss, nostalgia and longing.”
– Atwood Magazine

“It’s rare that I’m hit this powerfully with new music–truly goose-bump inducing–and as a result, I’m not only a fan but completely sure that great things lie ahead for this band.”
– Blake Morgan (ECR Music Studios, #IRESPECTMUSIC)

Today, Everything Turned to Color share their debut LP, Life Imagined, on Earbuddy in advance of its official release tomorrowEarbuddy praised the album’s “gentle and stirring mystique” noting that the members’ classical training “helps elevate this music to extraordinary heights.” Life Imagined will be available on all digital streaming platforms on Friday, June 23rd 2017. The 11-track LP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Blake Morgan at ECR Music Studios in NYC. The back-to-back album preview sets that were played on March 31st at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC both sold-out.

Folk Radio UK, who premiered LP single, “Invisibility,” say, “Introspective yet forthright, the lyrics are a self-admission of brokenness and fragility – a recognition of past transgressions and an optimistic look towards the future.” The album follows these themes, internalizing and introspecting on significant relationships and the deeper meaning of life itself.

Everything Turned To Color includes brothers Bryan and Kyle Weber, two ex-alt-rock bandmates who co-own DIY tour booking website (which services nearly 100K members) and their classically trained neighbor, Neha Jiwrajka, who left a tech job at Google to pursue a Masters in Jazz and vocal performance (her mother is a classically trained Hindustani singer). Starting March 25th, the trio will hit the road for a 24-date tour through NY, CA, PA, VT, MA, ME, CT and NJ.

Inspired largely in part by Bryan and Kyle’s foray into parenthood, Life Imagined plays heavily on the bittersweet dualities of life and the big questions we all must ask. While much of the music exudes a whimsical lightheartedness in mood and melody, the lyrics dive deep into the fragility and innocence of childhood, the significance of enduring friendship, and the inevitable moments of love and loss that haunt us all.

The band’s debut single, “When You Wish Me There“, is out now. Dedicated to Bryan’s son and daughter, “When You Wish Me There” is a retrospective analysis of life’s major milestones, and what they mean in the afterlife. The vibe of the song is very innocent, dreamy even, as it sifts through the trivialities of memory to focus on the one thing that always matters most in the end – the love that a parent feels for his/her child.


06/23 – Blue – Portland, ME
06/24 – The Fez – Stamford, CT
07/08 – House And Barn – Emmaus, PA
08/04 – Rock City Cafe – Rockland, ME
08/05 – Surry Arts at the Barn – Surry, ME
08/25 – R Cafe & Tea Boutique – New Rochelle, NY
09/08 – Birdhouse Center for the Arts – Lambertville, NJ
09/09 – Homegrown Music Cafe – Port Jefferson Station, NY
09/21 – Jalopy Theatre – Brooklyn, NY 
09/22 – Dedham Square Coffeehouse – Dedham, MA
09/23 – Thirsty Mind Coffee and Wine Bar – South Hadley, MA
11/03 – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 – New York, NY 
11/17 – Dragonfly Music & Coffee Cafe – Somerville, NJ
11/18 – World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA
12/02 – Private House Concert (Location TBA) – Brooklyn, NY