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June 4, 2018


LISTEN & SHARE: David Darrko – Suffer Suburbia EP
Soundcloud / Spotify

LISTEN & SHARE: David Darrko – “Black Denim”
Soundcloud / Spotify

“Known for his work with Kinky Love, Darrko doesn’t disappoint fans of that outfit here while retaining his unique sensibilities and vision.”
– PopMatters

“‘Black Denim’ features a combining of genres, as you listen you might hear traces of synthpop or indie-rock but Darrko crafts a style that is completely his own.”
– EDM Sauce

“Darrko blends R&B with Synth-Pop to create something both romantic and danceable.”
– The Deli Magazine (Chicago)


Chicago-based pop romantic artist, David Darrko, shares his debut solo release, Suffer Suburbia EP. Last week, PopMatters exclusively streamed the EP in full with praise, stating, “The four-song collection spotlights not only the Chicago’s love of pop and soul but his considerable abilities as a vocalist whose pure emotions come to the fore on each of these songs, including the single “Black Denim” and the opening, “Edge”, a song that thrives on subtle but dramatic stylistic turns while never losing its center.” EDM Sauce premiered lead single “Black Denim,” cheering, “The track builds throughout its 4-minute span with lush synths, thoughtful lyrics, and expansive production. Darrko showcases his true solo talent in this premiere and it is a taste of what to come on his debut EP.” Suffer Suburbia EP is out now on all DSPs.

The Suffer Suburbia EP came about when Darrko decided to set out to make a sensual R&B pop record, heavy with nostalgia, with a darker edge. Some of the songs had existed for some time, written when Darrko was living out of his car while traveling across the country attending various songwriting workshops. Others came about once the EP project began. Suffer Suburbia is not so much a departure from Darrko’s other project, synth-pop outfit Kinky Love, in which he still participates. This solo project is a new adventure for Darrko, exploring new territory through lush, smooth sounds that follow a dystopian narrative of a suburban fantasy that Darrko has created. Darrko approached the EP with the surrealist visuals of his fantasy world in mind, with the four EP tracks acting as the soundtrack for the subverted world.

Darrko is the sole songwriter on the “Suffer Suburbia EP.” All four tracks were co-produced with Chicago electronic musician Minterm. Additional vocals were provided by Chicago locals Deanna Devore, KSRA, and Carlile. The EP was mixed by Chicago engineer Roland Lim, and mastered by Kris Crummett (Dance Gavin Dance, Sleeping With Sirens).