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Collapsing Scenery

September 18, 2017


WATCH & SHARE: Collapsing Scenery x Ninjaman – “Money” Video

“Collapsing Scenery’s upcoming full-length LP Stress Positions is definitely something to look forward to.” – Office Magazine

Collapsing Scenery shares their new video “Money” featuring Jamaican dancehall legend Ninjaman. “We were lucky enough to link with Ninjaman while we were recording in Port Antonio. We’re big fans of 80s/90s dancehall in general, and have always loved Ninja’s voice, flow and overall style and strut in particular,” explains the band’s Reggie Debris, “He had some ideas he’d been using in freestyles and spat over our instrumental and just killed it. It still gives me chills hearing him drop his catchphrases on our record.” You can check out the video (directed by Charlotte Linden Ercli Coe) via Office Magazine.

Ninjaman explains of the collaboration: “This song “From Dreams to Riches” aka “MONEY” is a song based mostly on Ninjaman’s life, lifestyle, Ninjaman’s life story, cuh we come from far, we a come from the place people would call the ghetto or the garrison and we rise to stardom, we rise to fame and fortune and we look at all the things dem that can happen to you in life and we put it all together.

It is a very international feel – the song and the video. This type of riddim, nobody have ever heard Ninjaman on that type of riddim before. So this is gonna be a very international look for Ninjaman because of the riddim itself… and it’s going to be a surprise to all the people in the world to hear this combination song with Ninjaman and Collapsing Scenery because it’s a one in a million. The riddim was orchestrated differently -We just come together and when I hear it, I say this is a bang! It’s a bang! Thumbs up for Collapsing Scenery and know we are looking forward to doing a lot more work. Bless up.”‌

“Money” is available digitally and on limited 12″ vinyl on Metropolitan Indian. You can purchase the single here.