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February 21, 2020

CLAVVS SHARE “HALF MOON” VIDEO ON KCRW | No Saviors (Extended) EP Out February 25th


SoundCloud | Spotify | YouTube

SoundCloud | Spotify | YouTube


“CLAVVS’ music feels very human. Their lyrics are passionate and relatable, while the music entrances you.”
“New EP No Saviors – which closes with hypnotic mega-hit “Lay Back” – sees CLAVVS inject a new sparsity into their addictive electronica.”– The Line of Best Fit

“As CLAVVS, they’ve hit on a sleek and suitably mysterious pop sound that straddles spacey trip-hop and ingratiating pop, with notes of psychedelia to keep the mix feeling ever-so-slightly off balance.”

“The duo, consisting of Amber Renee & Graham Marsh, deliver a passionate Portishead-esque vocal performance and a lush instrumental production that help drive the evocative lyrics right through your soul. The songs intense instrumental builds carry along a burning resolve that makes this track feel so empowering by the end.”
– Earmilk

“CLAVVS mix killer pop hooks with dance/hip-hop rhythms, Renee’s sublime vocals, and subtle electronics…”No Saviors” is a song that delivers immediately on impact, drawing you into its singular world.”

“Exemplifying a world-aware consciousness as well as an appreciation of world music, the Brooklyn duo construct a vibrant soundscape for listeners to lean into and get lost in.“”“Echo”, a new song that finds the two-piece attempting to let go of the past. “Your face is haunting my mind/ And even when I dream/ You find your way into my dreaming life,” Renee sings. Her laments are backed by a swirling production that evokes the feeling of being swept up in a whirlwind of wistfulness.”

“On their recent single ‘Lay Back,’ which hit #1 on Hype Machine last month,CLAVVS showcased a very chill sound evoking the song’s namesake phrase. Now, on ‘Slow Dive,’ CLAVVS are showing off their sonic evolution a little bit more…”

– The 405

CLAVVS have shared their new video and track “Half Moon.” The video features two dancers falling in and out of love, like stages of the moon. Using juxtaposing settings of a bright sun-lit abandoned building and an empty neon nightclub, “Half Moon” explores all of love’s complexities, it’s perpetuity and it’s transience.

On the video, Amber describes, “Half Moon” is about the hope of returning to lost love and the cycle of that never-ending dance. In the same way that the moon disappears just to reappear, this song is about that perpetual movement of feeling— joy into pain, loss into love. For the video, we wanted to express that circular pattern through a dance narrative. 

I’m bisexual, and since that part of my identity often gets erased, I chose to feature two female dancers as a way to make space for that part of myself. This song and its story also have a strong feminine quality to me, and the dancers, Matilda Sakamoto and Eloise Deluca, captured that feeling with such tenderness and urgency. It’s a story about forgiveness and redemption. Ultimately, love is a dance we all do over and over again, whether with our partners or with ourselves.”

With the release of the video, CLAVVS also announces an extended version of their acclaimed No Saviors EP. The No Saviors (Extended) EP is set to be released February 25th. With the release of the extended EP comes their new song “Dark Thoughts.”