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Bradley Arthur Maxwell

June 17, 2019

Bradley Arthur Maxwell Shares New Track “Easy On Me”



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“Bradley Arthur Maxwell’s lyrical frankness is ferociously refreshing, and it’s at the moments when he truly allows himself to revel in hopelessness and painful uncertainty that his talent is fully on display.” – Atwood Magazine

Americana singer/songwriter Bradley Arthur Maxwell has launched with a powerful debut single titled, “Easy On Me.” The track premiered yesterday on Atwood Magazine who praises the, “minimalistic instrumentation [which] serves to elevate delicately crafted lyricism, allowing listeners’ attention to be drawn to the artist’s stirring sentiment.” The song is available now across all DSPs and can be streamed via the link above.

“Easy On Me” was recorded at Echo Lake Studios near Halifax, Nova Scotia, with multi-instrumentalist and award-winning producer Daniel Ledwell. It was written immediately after Bradley relocated to Los Angeles and expresses some of the struggles that come with finding ones footing.
While the song has sentiments of the anxiety and uncertainty of uprooting – feeling like a fish out of water –  it also revels in a beautiful nostalgia of home, not withstanding the hopefulness and excitement of what lies ahead. Bradley Arthur Maxwell only asks a simple favor to the universe, “…take it easy on me…”

This is just the first single to be released from Bradley Arthur Maxwell from his sessions with Ledwell. So stay tuned. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy the silky smooth track that is “Easy On Me”.  And like it’s namesake, this tune sure is “easy” on the ears!


Internationally syndicated songwriter Bradley Arthur Maxwell hails from a sleepy seaside town on the western coast of Newfoundland, Canada. In the forested shed behind his family home is where he honed his songwriting chops.

After fronting several bands and having some regional touring success, he moved to Toronto in further pursuit of his musical aspirations. In 2012, Brad landed a record deal with Universal Music Canada and released his debut EP, For Your Weakness, under Brad Fillatre. The quickly created a buzz for its raw emotional songwriting and haunting vocal delivery. Songs went on to be placed on over a dozen network television shows.

Brad’s follow up, Strangers, also under Brad Fillatre was met with even greater success. Withing one month of release, the title track organically reached over half a million streams. The accompanying music video aired on numerous music television stations, leading to additional placements, as well as a North American tour  supporting award-winning folk trio The Once. Brad now calls Los Angeles, CA home.

He is currently preparing for his next several single releases, Produced by Daniel Ledwell.