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Blood & Glass

March 20, 2017

Blood And Glass Share ‘Punk Shadows’ LP On BlackBook

LISTEN & SHARE: Blood And Glass – ‘Punk Shadows’

“… a fearless, madcap run through their utterly extravagant collective musical psyche.”
– BlackBook

“We are digging this one big time. Lead vocals are quirky but endearing, and stand somewhat in contrast to the grandiose, baroque pop chorus. The song soars in celebration thanks to a little touch of Broadway musical drama.”
– Ride The Tempo

“The track (Punk Shadows) bristles with orchestral flourishes and pulsating beauty. Front woman Lisa Moore allows her powerful vocals to propel the song forward alongside a punchy arrangement of strings and percussion. The song’s bridge is among the catchiest moments of music in 2017 thus far.”
– The 405

“Energetic, boastful almost in their creative genius, the duo knows how to make our heads bob effortlessly.”
– Impose

Montréal, 3/20/2017 – Blood and Glass formally invites you to join them in their erratic universe, with the release of their sophomore record, Punk Shadows.

Get ready to loose yourself in the band’s eccentric, cinematic sound of twisted dance-floors shaking up a storm of colors. With influences ranging from Bjork, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie and Patti Smith, Punk Shadows is a bold, untamed album, moving from dark poetic segues to boisterous catchy anthemic songs, where electro pop meets moody punk.

Fresh from touring in Italy, Blood and Glass continues its journey, swinging between nebulous dreamy ballads and catchy nightmare pop. Either way, you will never want to wake up.

For the Montreal-based band, recording the album ended up being a lesson in letting go of the rules:

“In the studio, we stopped looking for perfection. Instead, we looked to capture raw energy. You know that game people do to instill trust in each other where one person falls and a group of friends has to catch him? That’s what recording this album was… We all trusted each other and helped each other fall.” -Lisa Moore

The record starts off with the extravagant Block of Ice, progressing from calm electro to chaotic industrial. The subsequent title, Illusions, brings in a more pop sound, with its catchy melody, dancey beats and kooky strings. These songs are complimented by the quirky: Nowheresville, which is the band’s most industrial, heavy song. Up next is Submarine, which starts off as a dreamy ballad with a surprising twist, and is followed by the synth-pop, break-up hit Punk Shadows; the title track. Two other singles, Whiskey and Hop the Fence roll out next, bringing in their eclectic oddity. We finish off with the narrated Chlorine Dreams and grandly conclude with the tumultuous Swimming Pool.

With the collaboration of the likes of François Lafontaine, Robbie Kuster, Mélanie Bélair, Brad and Andrew Barr, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Érika and Simon Angell, Punk Shadows is the statement of a band with huge imagination and no inhibitions.

Punk Shadows, the new album by Blood and Glass, will be released on March 24 and the launch party will take place at the iconic Café Cléopatre on March 21, at 8 PM.

Montreal-based duo Blood and Glass has been described as Industrial Sade meets Tom Waits by international music festival POP Montréal.

Odd prospect? You bet!

Their new album, Punk Shadows, keeps up with the group’s eccentricities by indulging in playful and cinematic moodiness, while balancing it out with the right amount of freakiness.