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MARCH 9, 2018

LISTEN & SHARE: “Stop Shakin’


“This fine morning has the young songwriter sharing ‘Stop Shakin”, a wispy yet energetic work of pop art that speaks to his roots.”
– All Things Go

“Blake Brown has enough soul, lyrical prowess and pleasing harmonies to convert anybody to a believer.”
– BMI Indie Spotlight

“Brown crafts songs with melodies that become welcome guests in our ears even hours after listening. And his lyrics, often lovelorn, can be clever and evocative without following tired cliches. Truly, these are signs of a great songwriter at work.”
– Hey Reverb

“The Denver singer/songwriter is a solid lyricist and wordsmith who skips over obvious phrasing for more sophisticated, nuanced storytelling.”
– Marquee Magazine

Today, Denver-based group Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir shares the first track off their debut LP Long Way Home. “Stop Shakin'” was released exclusively via All Things Go, who writes, “Set to the tune of classic Americana, it matches the rhythm of our lofty thoughts and encourages us rise up from almost certain defeat and endure. What lies ahead is well earned stability, but first we need to stop the shaking..”

“Stop Shakin'” is about living in the moment, standing up for yourself and moving on no matter how terrifying the situation may seem. Frontman Blake Brown says of the track, “Please Stop Shake, Shake, Shakin’, ’cause it’s break, break, breakin’ me down.” It’s almost as if the chorus of the song is to remind myself that we all face those situations and demons. The trick is finding a way to navigate through it and being ok with the result. Possibly admitting defeat, or at least acknowledging that an honest try was given. We have to take chances and hopefully we’re better off for doing so; even if it does rattle us.”

Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir is made up of frontman Blake Brown (vocals/guitar), Tiffany Brown (keys/vocals), Adam Blake (drums), Jason Legler (bass), and Trent Nelson (guitar).

Long Way Home is a collection of songs that represent different periods and experiences in Brown’s life. Heartbreak, healing, deception, reflection, growing up, and everything in between. Produced and engineered by Joe Richmond and mastered at Lurssen Mastering by Reuben Cohen, Long Way Home is due out March 9, 2018 on We Believers Music. It will be available on CD and vinyl direct through the website, and available for pre-order on all digital outlets on March 2, 2018. The first time they will be performing the record live will be at SXSW 2018, in an official showcase to be announced.