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Big Bliss

February 5, 2018



LISTEN & SHARE: Big Bliss – “Override”
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WATCH & SHARE: Big Bliss – “Contact”
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“Like a shot in the arm, Brooklyn post-punk outfit Big Bliss has come roaring into 2018 with some killer songs, packed with hooks, poignancy and power.”
– The 405
“The pinging guitars perfectly accentuate the shimmering cymbals. The gently insistent timbre of the vocals pulls at you and lulls you into a trance.”
– AdHoc
“Glistening, energetic continuation of what Robert Smith so eloquently popularized in the late 1970s.”
– Noisey
“The band’s knack for power pop style hooks and shimmering guitar tones sets Big Bliss apart from contemporaries in the genre.”
– The Deli NYC
“Think sweet jingle jangle over jagged lines.”
– Oh My Rockness

“Brooklyn’s Big Bliss makes post punk goodness that will melt your heart.”
– Impose

“The trio blasts out a furious sort of post-punk and indie rock that draws a bit on shoegaze (think perhaps a little Mission Of Burma here, a little Interpol there), and have been playing shows almost constantly since their inception.”
– BTRtoday

Today, Big Bliss share their Contact 7″ via Exit Stencil Recordings. Yesterday, The 405 exclusively premiered B-side track, “Override,” praising it, stating, “Featuring layers of blistering guitars, surprisingly dreamy vocals, and an anthemic chorus, ‘Override’ lives up to the band’s name — it is a mighty blissful listen sonically.” AdHoc exclusively premiered the A-Side, “Contact,” and accompanying video, stating, “Their newest music video, “Contact,” is a testament to their ability to plunge you into a dream world with their effects-laden post-punk.” Contact 7″ is out now via Exit Stencil Recordings.

“Contact” was recorded in fall of 2017 with Jeff Berner at Studio G in Brooklyn. While writing their upcoming LP, Big Bliss came across a few songs that felt like standalone singles versus being in thrust of their LP material. A-side, “Contact,” focuses on desperate interpersonal reliance, and loss of communication with someone close. “Override” describes power dynamics too often witnessed and only recently revealed. The video for “Contact” was directed by Micah Weisberg and Bill Dvorak of Young Heart Productions.