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Alexa Dark

July 6, 2017


LISTEN & SHARE: Alexa Dark – “Nothing More

WATCH & SHARE: Alexa Dark – “Empty Drinks

LISTEN & SHARE: Alexa Dark – “Blur

“…what is most striking about Alexa Dark is her ability to conjure incredibly complex emotions both lyrically and sonically.”
– Blackbook

“Alexa Dark is an emerging talent specializing in hook-driven alt rock that nods to classic punk songwriters such as Patti Smith and Debbie Harry.”
– She Shreds

“The understated instrumentation lets her vocals shine, and before the song ends you realize you’ve become intoxicated by its charms. Now we understand why the protagonist was putting the moves on Alexa Dark: she’s a beguiling siren whose voice will haunt your dreams.”
– The Revue

Alternative rock songwriter and guitarist, Alexa Dark, announces her debut EP, Empty Drinks/Empty Hearts, due out August 2017. The album was produced by Angelo “Doc” Velasquez (The Weeknd’s Trilogy, The Fray, Christina Perri) and mixed by Patrick Kelly.

Today, Alexa Dark debuts her second single, “Nothing More,” via Blackbook who stated that the track “…exhibits a remarkable maturity, something like a stark, disconsolate Fleetwood Mac.” Alexa Dark debuted her lead single and music video, “Empty Drinks,” via She ShredsShe Shreds praised the track and accompanying video, stating, “With its biting lyrics, apathetic mood, and crunchy guitars, the record’s title track recalls some of the best 90s alt-rock anthems.” The video’s live element highlights both the grit and the glamour of Alexa Dark’s musical style and look.

Raised between Spain, London and Germany, now based in New York City and London, the songs are inspired by Alexa Dark’s transient lifestyle. The songs were written in bedrooms, planes, between drinks outside East London clubs during early  morning hours and on the concrete of various metropolitan cities. Conceived in heartbreak, in transit and from boundless nostalgia, these tracks intertwine cultural and personal narratives, influenced by the Spanish singer songwriters played in her childhood kitchen, in addition to female rock legends such as Patti Smith, Debbie Harry and Kim Gordon.

Empty Drinks/Empty Hearts is a collection of songs cultivated in the brief moment when the party is over, when the sobriety comes just before the morning does. “Blur” is one of the first songs Alexa wrote and has evolved to cater to many different relationships and situations throughout her life. It’s a “fuck it” anthem, of sorts, but still portrays vulnerability, baring her bones. “Nothing More” is an “anti-love” song, about loving but in an untraditional sense. Referring to the EP’s title, “Empty Drinks” is a party anthem that encapsulates the sober realization and reflection on the emptiness felt at the end of the night.