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Alex Henry Foster

March 31, 2020

Alex Henry Foster Shares “The Hunter” Video Via American Songwriter Reaches 150K Views | Shares Paste Session | Windows In The Sky LP Out May 1st Via Hopeful Tragedy Records

“Syncopated thoughts and melodic noise flood through Windows In The Sky. An atmospheric release of grief, mental struggles, escape, and revival, sonically swelled tracks like “Summertime Blues” and “The Hunter (By the Seaside Window)” are drenched in the artist’s abstract, visceral senses.”
-American Songwriter
“The Hunter,” is Windows In The Sky‘s 15-minute centerpiece.”
-MAGNET“Sounding like something out of an M. Night Shyamalan movie, Foster (best known as the frontman of Juno Awards nominee Post-Rock / Noise band Your Favorite Enemies) has constructed an ominous and symbolic tale of an unrelenting hunter out on the prowl.”
-Bring The Noise“Stylistically, the album is primarily centered around Foster’s delicate vocals and introspective poetry, while the music draws from Radiohead, Swans, Mogwai, and Nick Cave to create a mix of art rock, shoegaze, noise rock, psychedelic, and krautrock.”

Reaching 100k views over the weekend since its release last Friday, Alex Henry Foster has shared the short film “The Hunter (By The Sea Side Window)” off of his upcoming LP Windows In The Sky out May 1st via Hopeful Tragedy Records. The video premiered with American Songwriter and included an exclusive interview on the upcoming album.

On the video Foster shared, “I wanted to experience the bewilderment of losing control on the narrative of my own work and wanted to explore the freedom that comes with pure creative abandonment,” says Foster of the piece.” The interview also included topics on COVID19, exiling to Tangier, Windows In The Sky, mental health and more.

Windows in the Sky is the first solo album from Alex Henry Foster, lead singer and songwriter for the Juno Awards nominee post-rock band, Your Favorite Enemies.

In the likes of Radiohead, Swans, Mogwai and Nick Cave, AHF’s delicate and stormy musical journey embodies a singular mix of art rock, shoegaze, noise, psych and krautrock, and is defined by a blend of intimate voicing and introspective spoken poetry. It is an 8-track cinematic voyage that incarnates a distorted voice trying to make sense of its fading echoes, exuding the last pieces of its self-preservative make-believes, trying to hold onto the deceptive views of every shadowing ghosts reflections it is fighting to keep alive, in order to suppress the painful image of the person it might have become, freed from the distorted narrative it was bound to in order to avoid suffering any longer.

Foster describes his first solo project as a contemplative and reflective landscape where purposelessness, vulnerability and disarray press for an honest examination of the true character of your personal spirituality, the distress of your life’s failures and the everlasting sense of regret that keeps on blooming as you try to survive the implacable bewilderment of loss and the mourning reality of your own impermanent existence.

“For years, I’ve been looking for deep personal emotions to be channeled within the safe and elusive context of a band’s dynamic, so I wouldn’t have to be exposed through their real colors, wouldn’t have to assume any intimate implication. I simply hid behind the thick curtain of distant screams and uprising noises. It’s only when my father passed and that I slowly started to work on the songs that would ultimately define the spirit of “Windows in the Sky” that I had to admit that unless I would be willing to tear that bleak veil of fears down, I wouldn’t be able to let any of those vivid emotions be, wouldn’t be able to free them from my exultant struggle to stand into the light… and therefore to have my depressive soul emancipated through the honest embracement of those hidden emotions… one glimmer at the time… which is exactly how the album would finally come to life.”

Entirely recorded in early 2018 at the Upper Room Studio – Your Favorite Enemies’ Catholic church turned professional recording studio facility – Foster invited his bandmates to contribute to the final stage of a few songs’ musical arrangements as he concluded the album’s self-production.

Windows in the Sky was made available in Canada on November 9, 2018, through Hopeful Tragedy Records / Sony Music Entertainment / The Orchard.