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April 17, 2018

Aaron Rice Shares Video For “Heartthrob Mob” Via All Things Go | Debut LP ‘Neverfade’ Due Summer 2018

WATCH & SHARE: Aaron Rice – “Heartthrob Mob
“‘Heartthrob Mob’ – an eerie vision with comedic accents.”
– All Things Go

Today, Minneapolis based electronic singer, songwriter and producer Aaron Rice shares his video for “Heartthrob Mob.” All Things Go premieres the video, stating, “‘we’re treated to a rhythm that burns low and slow.” “Heartthrob Mob” is the first single from Aaron Rice’s forthcoming solo debut LP, Neverfade, due out Summer 2018.

“Heartthrob Mob” is a minimally produced electronic track with eerie synths, emotive R&B vocals and a romantically sorrowful lyrical tone. The synth selection and slow BPM of the track are meant to feel like slow motion, like everything is moving through molasses- or rather the way it might feel to watch yourself make bad decisions in slow motion, over and over again. In his own words, Rice says of the video, “It’s a dark video masquerading as fun one. It depicts the self absorbed nature of the culture I find my myself in- which is depressing and probably dangerous.” It’s a song about being fixed in something habitual and corrosive, seeing a way out, then choosing wrong.

Rice wrote and produced the track while living in LA with long time creative partner Alex Brown, who also directed the song’s music video. He later finished production and mixing on the track with frequent collaborator and experimental ambient composer Grant Cutler in Brooklyn.