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March 22, 2019

Aaron Rice Announces Debut LP | Shares “Ghosttown” Music Video | ‘Neverfade/For Dusk’ LP Due Out May 10th

“…the Minneapolis-based artist bends a dark and ethereal sound to his will, resulting in a synthpop sound that pulses and caresses the heart in equal measure.” – The 405


Minneapolis singer-songwriter, Aaron Rice, has shared a brand new single and accompanying video, titled “Ghosttown.” The 405 premiered the video, who calls the song a synthpop sound that pulses and caresses the heart in equal measure.” This is the latest single off Aaron’s upcoming debut LP, Neverfade/For Dusk, which is slated for release on May 10th.

Aaron Rice wrote and recorded his first solo endeavor, Neverfade/For Dusk, while living in Los Angeles, and produced and mixed the tracks in Minneapolis and Brooklyn. Credits on the recordings include experimental ambient composer Grant Cutler who mixed the album, and SHIELDS who contributed to production. All music videos for the LP were directed by Rice’s long-time creative partner Alex Brown, who also co-wrote three of the tracks on the album. Performing material from the debut Rice has shared stages with Gold Panda, Honne, Open Mike Eagle, Crystal Castles, Nightmares on Wax and Baynk.

Neverfade/For Dusk is both dark and ethereal. While inspired by movement, at the heart of the album lies a space and stillness. Neverfade/For Dusk creates a place for the mind to find solace when body and emotions are resigned to fatigue. You lay on the floor, the walls saturated in color, light moving over and through your skin, the sun just setting.