Warm Soda

Warm Soda is the primary musical vehicle of Memphis, Tennessee born, Austin, Texas based Matthew Melton, the prolific songsmith from whose quarter has issued both the frenetic, fuzz-driven psychedelia of Snake Flower 2 and the raucous, garage-grown glam of Bare Wires. With Warm Soda, Melton bears the mark of the road-ready renegade that has characterized him in years past, though not without also showing proof of the focus he's gained along the way. Along with guitarist Max Eaton, bassist Austin Shockley, and drummer Caleb Dawson, this four-piece delivers a high energy live show combining elements of glam-rock, power-pop and garage. With super infectious guitar leads, well executed vocal harmonies and plenty of hooks Warm Soda have created a sound that just simply makes you feel good. Their songs have a drive all their own and a vintage charm that sounds like they are existing sometime in the 1970's.

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