Prinze George

Prinze George is producer/instrumentalist Kenny Grimm and lyricist/vocalist Naomi Almquist. The band's namesake comes from Prince George's County, MD, where Naomi and Kenny both grew up. Their first encounter was in 2002, when Naomi was just an awkward 12 year old girl hanging out with Kenny's younger brother Erik at their parents house. Kenny, then 16, was sitting on the couch, playing guitar, without a shirt on or a care in the world.

Fast forward ten years, Kenny is a recent Berklee graduate still at his parents house, anxiously in search of members to start a band with; especially a singer. While home for Christmas break from her senior semester of studying Psychology in Chicago, Naomi is back to where it all began and a collaboration begins. Deciding to delay grad school plans after graduation, Naomi moves home.  A year later both Kenny and Naomi make the move together to NYC and decide to post a song on Soundcloud.  Five months later, they post another single, "Victor" that manages to soar to the top of the Hype Machine charts with no promotion, that gained the duo instant attention from fans, labels, and musicians from all over the world.

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Prinze George
Prinze George

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