Henry Hall

Henry Hall's rare brand of alternative pop features ethereally infectious vocal harmonies over Hall’s signature falsetto, unusual synthesizer/guitar textures, and witty, idiosyncratic lyrics. Self-Deprecation Music at its finest. It’s Grizzly Bear meets Mac DeMarco meets Sam Cooke. You won’t hear indie rock like this anywhere else.

Henry Hall’s new EP, “My Friends Don’t Like Me,” builds on Hall’s unmistakable brand of disturbingly funny and catchy indie rock. His signature falsetto soars over all five songs — the vocal performances on this EP are soulful, extremely technical, and unusual. Each track has its own distinctive melodic draw that is paired with lyrics that are dark, hilarious, anxious, and moving all at once — “take a look at my ass, does it seem like I’m anything but happy? Cuz I’m not... Oh, and did I fucking mention that I’m in love with my girlfriend’s sister?” Hall sings on the second track, “Dream Lover.” The production is clear and crisp, but still uniquely atmospheric — the drums and bass bounce off of each other beneath raw, reverb-drenched guitar textures, not to mention Hall’s scathing guitar solos. There is a nervous energy to this EP that both gives it its idiosyncrasy and makes it powerfully affective. “My Friends Don’t Like Me” is a collection of intoxicatingly neurotic songs that should not be missed.

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