Acid Baby Jesus

With the “Vegetable” EP, Greek quartet ACID BABY JESUS are reemerging as a truly sinister force of deep Mediterranean psych-rock, reinventing themselves in the making. This time the bands’ heavy, psychedelic rock’n’roll sound, influenced to a lesser extent by the Western world’s lysergic pop past than on previous releases, is taking strong cues from their native folk history - particularly Greece’s rebetiko music - for an entirely fresh sound that was developed during a year long hiatus on a secluded Greek island.

ACID BABY JESUS was formed in 2009. Via Slovenly Recordings, they released their “Hospitals” EP in 2011, followed by the full-length album “LP” later the same year, and a collaborative 10” with Canada’s HELLSHOVEL (under the name VOYAGER 8) in 2012. The band has toured extensively in North America, including a praised performance at the 2012 Austin Psych Fest, and in Europe including a stint with BLACK LIPS.

The bands’ line-up now includes Hellshovel guitarist Dox Grillo. A new full length album of selected recordings will be out later this year.

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