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April 17, 2018

Pollens Shares New Single "$$$_PSA" Via Emerging Indie Bands

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No memory. No culture. Pollens is a New York band. Its percussion and shouting, accuracy and abandon. Samplers, noise, ecstatic readings of boring lists. Stupid dance beats. Wild drumming, low-art, normal stuff, downtown theater, subway commutes, more lists, your telephone, transmission noise, gestures, physicality. Jeff and Elizabeth met while working on a short, anachronistic “opera”- and shortly after, they both worked on a song cycle about the specifics of being human and social anxiety and social media. Facebook birthday reminders from dead people—that sort of thing. But like, what does any of this have to do with bands? Rock and roll? The bar? Last year, they put out a Pollens record called ’83. Don’t listen to it. Wait for the next one instead. It’s called Mister Manufacture and its about being around people, and checking your telephone, being high in the city, googling conspiracies, and making summer mistakes. The songs are a little off, but the record bangs.

Brooklyn, NY: There are too many artists who tend to overthink things- aesthetics, sound, lyrics- but it all comes naturally to Brooklyn based-duo Pollens.


It is through Jeff Aaron Bryant and Elizabeth “Emay” May’s offbeat, conversational delivery, dense polyrhythms, layered themes, drum machines, and dynamic arrangements that listeners get to experience a new and precious thing. And now, as POLLENS drop a brand new track called “$$$_PSA” via EMERGING INDIE BANDS, we all get to!


Pollens belong in a world where guitars are not needed, lyrics come off as ‘lists’ to be shouted, not sung, and songs lie on a bedrock of intricate, yet visceral percussion. Says Emerging Indie Bands, “The new track puts away all expectations of musical construct, allow[ing] the almost four and half minutes to guide you into a well of fleeting thoughts.” Pollens want their music to be simple and immediate. No Story. No metaphors.


With music originating back to 2008, Pollens has grown and been compared to notable artist such as tUne-yArDs and Animal Collective. Their music is truly avant garde. There is no norm. There are loose parameters, bursts of neurotic energy tempered by melodious breaks, but then back to it- a pulsating undercurrent layered to perfection and we find ourselves completely immersed and engaged.


Last year Pollens released a (FREE) EP Mr. Manufacture- a record which essentially explores our spatial relationship with other people, literally and figuratively, featuring songs about checking your phone, being high in the city, googling conspiracies and the list goes on.


If there is one thing you can learn from this duo, it’s that you don’t need a big band to make yourself heard. According to Jeff, “with a tiny band, we’re totally free to explore sparse, dumb, over committed ideas without a lot of risk or investment.”

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