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February 21, 2017


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NYC art rock trailblazer Larry Heinemann has struck a unique balance. How does a group of disciple musicians pay homage in performance to a true musical genius while giving its audience something inspired and new? Subtext, perhaps: How do you cover an artist’s repertoire, but avoid becoming a “cover band?” The answer’s in the source, in this case, Brian Eno. The fact that Eno, such a noted iconoclast that one can’t do a New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle without seeing his name as a clue, paid little mind to performing much of his post-Roxy catalog definitely helps matters for Heinemann’s multi-membered ensemble, aptly named Music For Enophiles.

“Eno, who we are all lifelong fans of, put out these amazing solo art rock records after he left Roxy Music. These records totally stand shoulder to shoulder with anything his peers in the mid 70’s were doing at the time. However, he only did a handful of live shows before moving on to other things, which is a shame,” says Heinemann of the project. “These songs really take on a whole other dimension when they are performed live and, our goal, as a band, is to give people a chance to experience this. Over the last three years, many people who have seen us say that the show has given them a whole new appreciation of the records. And, a number who knew nothing about Eno’s music are now fans!”

Music For Enophiles have taken pains to not get caught up in the campy and sometimes, embarrassing nostalgia associated with tribute bands. Instead, the goal is to play this music as a contemporary rock band that happens to have this repertoire.

That sort of artistic integrity and maverick spirit has been at the center of MFE and its members since its inception. Heinemann, carries it through from his role as founding musical director, composer, bandleader and performing musician for Blue Man Group, wherein he also co-composed the music for their Grammy-nominated album Audio, as well as its follow-up, The Complex. Heinemann has performed with Blue Man around the world including 2002’s Area 2 tour opening for David Bowie

Larry is also co-founder of and bassist for NYC indie post-punk band Springhouse along with bandmates Jack Rabid and Mitch Friedland. Springhouse released two acclaimed albums on Caroline Records in the early nineties and opened for bands such as Naked Raygun, Psychedelic Furs, Kitchens of Distinction, Galaxie 500, Luna, Ride, Belly, the Lemonheads, Smashing Pumpkins and Hole.

Music For Enophiles Vocalist/Keyboardist, Peter Moore was incidentally the bandleader of Springhouse’s Caroline Records label mates, Thinktree.

As a parting endorsement of Music For Enophiles, Heinemann says, “I think any rock fan should come see the band. It’s a great band and we’re playing great songs! And, if you have any interest in Brian Eno, it’s a rare opportunity to see a band do as loving and thorough a job as we are doing.”

Music For Enophiles will actually grace a stage, the Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery, NYC, come Wednesday, March 29th. Let us know if you can make it.

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