Hailing from Detroit, JMSN is no stranger to transformation. With his image and sound in a constant state of evolutionary flux, JMSN's creative output reflects his tireless exploration of both himself as a person and his ever-changing musical environment. Throughout these changes, some elements remain steadfast: his ethos of individuality and his insatiable drive to create engaging music, and to continue growing his self-founded label, White Room Records.

JMSN released his forth studio album – It is. – on May 6, 2016 and supported the release with a highly successful 40-date North American tour. JMSN went back in the studio immediately upon his return to Los Angeles and recorded a ‘Live Album’ consisting of a mix of JMSN’s fan favorites.  The entire experience was filmed, and the audio album and accompanying video will be released on September 23rd 2016 before hitting the road on a 28-date European tour.

JMSN kept fans enthralled with the release of Closer, an album from his side-project Pearl. JMSN’s highly anticipated forthcoming album will be see release in early 2017.  Listeners will hear a raw, organic approach to songwriting and recording on JMSN’s next work, with his most soulful tracks to date.

There’s no bullshit, no separation between the artist and listener here. JMSN’s journey is the same as any listener’s journey, and he is inviting the world to share in his joy, his heartache, and every emotion in between.

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