Pop artists have traditionally been caged to fit preset molds and present inauthentic personas. Art Pop artist, Aish, shatters these boundaries by bringing a novel, queer, multiethnic perspective to the modern scene. Aish creates grand, yet intrinsically layered musical landscapes and collaborates with internet and performance artists to visually represent them.

Aish is the son of a physicist father and an artist mother. Aish became estranged from his family, when he came out as gay, which drove him to move to the United States as refuge for his true self and pursue his art. Aish studied music, with a focus on voice, songwriting and music composition at the London Music School, Berklee College of Music and City College of San Francisco. Aish now calls San Francisco home, where he makes music inspired by the magnificence of the California Pacific coast.

Aish’s forthcoming album Mother, which explores the intricate relationship between mother and child, migration and finding one’s home. Mother draws cinematic pop landscapes with voice, strings, harp, electronics and found organic sounds. The album was produced by acclaimed producer, Beau Sorenson, who previously worked alongside Bob Mould, Death Cab For Cutie and Superchunk. He collaborates with the creative team at Rabbit Hole UK, who have worked with Warner Music and Universal. Stay tuned for more music and videos from Aish, and make sure to follow his social media pages (@AishMusic) for updates.

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